Niki Namu

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Welcome to the Home Page for our island NIKI NAMU.

NIKI NAMU is a small fertile 860 acre island in the South Pacific Ocean.  Our nearest neighbors are Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Fiji and the Solomon Islands.  Our island expands to almost 8 square kilometers at low tide.  Niki Namu is an island of lower elevation rolling hills.  The soil is very fertile and most areas have been cultivated, earning Niki Namu a nickname as the bread-basket of the region.  Niki Namu is known for its superious quality fruits and vegetables.

Niki Namu has lovely beaches and numerous sand spits.  A fresh water pond is in the center of the island.  Tropical fruits abound and vegetable garddens produce throughout the year.

The climate is purely tropical with near constant trade winds.  Our plentiful rainfall and rich soild make Niki Namu a virtual Garden of Eden.  

Niki Namuans speak a local language with some simularities to other regional local languages and everyone speaks English, a language thought to have been introduced by the London Missionary Society in colonial times.

The island was 'purchased' from three nations claiming Niki Namu in 1971 for $10,584,000 in US Dollars.  The non-interest loan was paid off in 2001.  Proceeds from the sale of agricultural products funded the payments.  

The island is currently updating infrastructure, roads and all buildings.  Most improvements and maintenance have been put off for years.  

Niki Namuans are proud of their culture as well as their island.  Over the generations, the island has become home to people of other ethnic backgrounds.  As a result, we are the result of this ethnic mix, no longer a Polynesian Outlier. Our culture is neither purely Polynesian but we are a proud people living in harmony as one community that celebrates the uniqueness of Niki Namu.  Our leaders, a group of families that have always led their people act jointly for the benefit of all on the island.  These families feel a need to gently lead in much the same way a father leads his family.  Our tightly-knit community does not suffer the plagues of  of many islands.  The lack of segregation, class, crime and abuse is absent here.  

Niki Namu has been blessed.  Her hard working people are well versed in agricultural practices, earning a per capita income of  $12,200 US Dollars.  Income is derived from the sale of fruits, vegetables, fish and the harvest of cowry shells.  

We are currently making exciting  advances on our island and are eager to share our island with the world.


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