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The first newspaper ever published on Niki Namu was issued in September by the Elder's Council.  The decision of the Council was a monthly update on Government activities was needed to inform all residents of current issues.

The paper will be published by a volunteer Elder on a monthly basis.  It will be available free on the island at various public areas.

Elder Viliamu, the publisher, noted the other Elders believed the paper would make sure residents are aware of upcoming decisions facing the Council so residents can offer input to local elders.  By doing so, residents can help elders better represent them in the council and it allows the residents to be educated on issues and call for consensus then a decision might be seen as unpopular among some residents.

Viliamu addred the newspaper, while a government publication, is not a propaganda sheet but rather an information tool that residents can utilize to make educated decisions and affect future decisions.  Indeed, the motivation is to offer the utmost in integrity among the elder's council.  The mast head simply states "Where Every Person Matters".  Viliamu states this is the newspaper's mantra.  

Overseas parties will be afforded the opportunity to subscribe for a fee that covers the cost of publishing and mailing.  

The paper will be issued monthly within a week after each Elder's Council meeting..


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June 23 - Niki Namu -

An interview with Economic Secretary Paul Nuimaki broadcast over Niki Namu Radio says "the deal is certainly off the table.  Nuimaki said the slow progress, lack of concrete plans and furher changes that would generally make the islanders 'employees' of the development would be none the less servitude for the islanders that would be oppressed by the whims of the investors.  Nuimaki believes the well intending group had high hopes but say these hopes vanish.  They were grabbing at straws clutching any possible solution that might pass the muster of the islanders.  I feel I have sided with the people versus the money is choosing to decline the offers from these investors.  We have had a very reserved station since the proposal was brought to us and I prefer act on the side of caution.

Later Nuimaki said the group was welcome to bring additional proposals but he felt the need to set the standard was necessary.  "I wanted to tell the international investor we welcome their ideas but we as a people will not sell out on the promise of prosperity.  They now know a plan must be sensitive to the island and her people and that we cannot be bought." 

Nuimaki welcomed opposing views and said islanders seeking a popular vote on the decision could demand that of his office.  Nuimaki thinks that will not happen but states he believes his decision he made to be that of the will of the people.  If it is not, however, he will seek the will of the people and act accordingly.  Niki Namu law is open to interpretation on such decisions and office holders such as Nuimaki are charged with doing the will of the people. 

Recent comments reflected in the Niki Namu newspaper support Nuimaki's decision.

The proposed hotel resort, shops, condominiums and luxury homes proposed in the plan have a solid camp of approval and opposition.  The latest proposal seemed to upsurp the governing abilities of the islanders and essentially made each family an employee where their actions and lifestyle would be subject to scrutiny by the investors both on the clock and in their personal lives.  One village elder said every food can be destroyed by too much salt and we most be careful and wise in determining the sacrifices that come with every promise of wealth.

Niki Namu has shown itself successful financially by being the 'breadbasket' of the area because of its sound farming practices and rich soils.

New Cowrie Coin Planned For 2013

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A new coin for 2013, a 15,000 Cowrie in pure silver, is being planned for later this year (2013).  A new design will be featured.  Further details will be forthcoming.


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As initially reported on 11 November 2011:

Tropical Seas Development has contacted the Niki Namu Council over the past numerous months culminating with a personal visit from a party representing the organization.


On 8 November, 2011, Bradley Woods and his party met before the Council to present a 950 Million Australian Dollar plan that would create a World Class Tourism Venue at Niki Namu that would include vacation villas for the world's elite.  The plan would involve the employment of some 3,000 people.

The plan includes a tax and increased infrastructure including easy access to services, products, transportation and medical care on a scale found in the world''s most developed natiions. As all of this would be available to guests on the island, the developers proposed the same would be offered Niki Namuans.  The elevation in per capita income would be derived from an Occupancy Tax or a Value Added Tax paid by visitors.  The party felt Niki Namu could achieve one of the world's highest per capita incomes.  

The Niki Namu Council is proceeding with caution and serious thought regarding the proposal.  


3 December 2011 - The Council has determined the greatest immediate need in the matter of the Tropical Seas Development proposal is authentication of the parties involved and their ability to see the proposal through fruition.  A 'friend' of Niki Namu in Auckland has been called upon to provide background information via a third party.


7 January 2012 - The Council has wired funds to a firm in New Zealand to gather a report on the background and financial credentials of Tropical SeasDevelopment.


17 April 2012 - The Council has received a detailed report on Tropical Seas Development.  According to the report, the company has assets of under $125,000 AUS and has verifiable contact with a small number of investors involved with numerous international exclusive developments. Although these contacts are verified, in the past, the business has not been involved with any of these inveestors.  The conclusion, in the opinion of the independent investigation, is Tropical Seas Development is not financially capable of funfing the project.

The Council, in a related matter, has determined the opinion of the people should dicate the direction of the Council.  Five meetings will be held over a 10 week period, every two weeks at a different location, promoted in the newspaper and radio broadcasts to encourage every family to provide input on the proposal.  The first meeting shall be 2 May, 2012.


1 July 2012 - The Nikii Namu Council has released the first of six annual coins denominated at 15,000 Cowrie Shells.  A mintage of 250 pure silver coins was contracted through Blue Waters Mint, the exclusive international vendor.  A series of postage statmps in eight denominations was authorised through the same enterprise.


2 August 2012 - The Island Council has determined the results from the five previous public meetings.  In an effort to remain fair, a progress report and/or revised proposal is due 1 November 2012 from Tropical Seas Development, so a final decision shall not be made before the annual update on the propsal is at hand.  Aditionally, many families desired the opinions of Niki Namuans away from the island be included before a final decision.  At the request of the Council, respective families were to contact their immediate family members currently abroad and encourage their input.

The Council voted to hold an election on whether the proposal would be accepted once the annual update is submitted.  


17 January 2012 - The Niki Namu Council has hired an independent company to develop and host a website for Niki Namu including updates provided by the Council.  The Council invites Niki Namuans to contribute to the site.